Shopping Guide

The shopping process is more or less same as other Online Shopping Mall. Select the products you want want to buy and put to cart, login and then checkout.

The main difference is after Checkout:

1. no need to pay at this point,

2. newly purchase or prescription letter have expired (over 3 months) please send valid prescription letter to TVCShop WhatsApp 90813243,

3. TVCShop will inform you the approval result via email/SMS/WhatsApp,

3.1. if your order was dis-approved, please arrange to purchase via other proper channels,

3.2. if your order is approved, please follow【Payment Methods】to pay,

4. TVCShop will arrange delivery once payment is received and will inform you via email/SMS/WhatsApp upon delivery.

For any queries, please contact TVCShop WhatsApp 90813243.